The Hairy Ape (Closed)


Written by Eugene O’Neill; Directed by Richard Jones
Cast: Bobby Cannavale, David Costabile, Becky Ann Baker, Catherine Combs, Chris Bannow, Tommy Bracco, Emmanuel Brown, Nicholas Bruder, Phil Hill, Cosmo Jarvis, Mark Junek, Henry Stram, Jamar Williams, Isadora Wolfe and Amos Wolff

Eugene O’Neill’s “The Hairy Ape” at the Park Avenue Armory. Sit as close as you can to let Bobby Cannavale pull you into his world, his brute strength, his struggles, and his despair with this Obie- worthy performance. Also impressive was how the lighting, the sound effects, costume design, choreography, fight scenes, set mechanics and design (including the institutional yellow paint) contributed to and supported this performance. Kudos to director Richard Jones for doing a great job with a somewhat flawed script in an unwieldy space.

NY Times Review

Preceded by an early dinner at Brasserie Cognac East.




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