🍸The Waverly Gallery (CLOSED)


Cast: Elaine May, Joan Allen, Lucas Hedges, David Cromer and Michael Cera

Kenneth Lonergan’s play casts Elaine May as Gladys, an elderly woman living in the Village, owner of a small gallery and in the beginning stages of dementia and hearing loss. The uncanny accuracy of her portrayal of the progression of the disease itself and the toll it takes on her humanity and her family is hauntingly disturbing. Yet, the familiarity we have with this topic combined with well-written dialogue creates an audience experience less depressing than one might think. The family’s reactions of sadness, helplessness and frustration are all true to life.  Joan Allen and Lucas Hedges are also excellent as Gladys’ daughter and grandson and narrator; David Cromer as the son-in-law does his best to keep everyone on an even keel.  We never quite got the point of Michael Cera’s character, the would-be artist whose paintings make up the last of the gallery openings Gladys will offer, but we had a lot to discuss over a much-needed cocktail afterwards.

Golden Theater

In previews, opens October 25 for an 18 week run.

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