ūüćł Bernhardt/Hamlet (CLOSED)


Roundabout/American Airlines Theater


Theresa Rebeck Playwright Moritz von Stuelpnagel DirectorBeowulf Boritt Set Design Toni Leslie-James Costume Design

Cast includes: 

Janet McTeer Sarah Bernhardt Dylan Baker Constant Coquelin Jason Butler Harner Edmond Rostand Matthew Saldivar Alphonse Mucha Nick Westrate Maurice Tony Carlin Louis Ito Aghayere Rosamond Brittany Bradford Lysette Aaron Costa Ganis Raoul Triney Sandoval Francois

Paris, 1890’s: Sarah Bernhardt intends to take on the iconic role of Hamlet. Surrounded by her lover, Edmond Rotstand (author of Cyrano), and fellow actors including Constant Coquelin (played by the excellent Dylan Baker), she embarks on a journey of both self-discovery and discovery of the limits society places on women, both in theatrical/film roles and in relationships.

Far from the seriousness of traditional historical fiction, Theresa Rebeck’s script provides audiences with a multi-layered, seamless, entertaining production complete with a dose of knowing laughter from the audience. Numerous subplots melded fluidly, creating a rich, engrossing play whose idea resonates significantly today.

We loved it and recommend it to just about anyone!

Closed  November 18, 2019

Roundabout Theater/Tickets/More Info

NY Times Review

Followed by dinner at Chez Josephine (Trish had the short ribs and Lisa had the haddock dinner specials)


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