🍸 The Jungle (CLOSED)

the jungle
Written by Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson; Directed by Stephen Daldry and Justin Martin
Cast includes: Mohammad Amiri, Alexander Devrient, Elham Ehsas, Trevor Fox, Milan Ghobsheh, Ammar Haj Ahmad, Alex Lawther, Jo McInnes, Yasin Moradi, Jonathan Nyati, John Pfumojena, Rachel Redford, Dominic Rowan, Rachid Sabitri, Mohamed Sarrar, Ben Turner, Nahel Tzegai, Vera Gurpinar and Annika Mehta

Set and originating in the Calais “Jungle” just before its destruction by French police, this play is shocking, challenging and, I think, ultimately condemning of the West. Fraught personal histories of people fleeing war and hunger only to be penned like cattle, denied shelter, denied aid. Yes, the refugees can build their own society, create music and art but all is subject to being torn down by the existing authorities with impunity. Some of them made it out, but what of the tens of thousands of others forced to flee their homes. Should’ve seen within sniffing distance of input to immigration policy.  Highly recommended. ~Trish

Closes January 27, 2019

Runtime 2 hours and 45 minutes

Ticket Info/St. Ann’s Warehouse

NY Times Review

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