🍸 Little Women (CLOSED)

Little WomenPrimary Stages at Cherry Lane Theater, 38 Commerce St.

Cast includes: Kate Hamill, Paola Sanchez Abreu, Michael Crane, Ellen Harvey, John Lenartz, Kristolyn Lloyd, Nate Mann, Maria Elena Ramirez, Carmen Zilles.

Creative team includes: Kate Hamill, playwright (based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott), Sarna Lapine, Director, Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams, Set Design, Valerie Therese Bart, Costume Design.

Kate Hamill does not disappoint with her latest novel-to-stage adaptation. This refreshing and wholesome production includes some very talented actors (some playing three roles), clever staging, and a relevance that rings loud and clear.  Not at all like Hamill’s fast-paced, energetic, comedic “Sense & Sensibility” we enjoyed, but is instead in line with the serious tone of Louisa May Alcott’s book. Recommended for fans of Kate Hamill and/or “Little Women.”  ~Lisa

Running Time: TBD

May 15 – June 19, 2019


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