🍸 Betrayal (Closed)

Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre


The age-old love triangle and who betrays whom within it are the basic themes of this play, but oh how staging varies the impact of the words and the pauses.  With only 2 chairs (someone always is without) and some glassware on a bare stage, one is forced to concentrate on the author’s script.  And what a script.  All three actors are excellent, especially Zawe Ashton as Emma, a role that never quite illuminates her motivations and desires.  I find it troubling that our sympathies are most drawn to Robert (Hiddleston) despite his admission (pronouncement) that he’s hit her twice just because he felt like it and has cheated on her for years.  But, the sorrow and loss experienced by all three by these mutual betrayals are beautifully portrayed.  A great night of theater.

Creative: Written by Harold Pinter; Directed by Jamie Lloyd

Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Zawe Ashton, Charlie Cox and Eddie Arnold

NY Times Review

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