🍸 Judgment Day (Closed)

better judgment dayPark Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue

Compelling, riveting, and relevant. Directed by Richard Jones (The Hairy Ape, Park Avenue Armory) and set in 1930’s Germany, you will leave contemplating “otherness” on an individual and societal level, coupled with the slippery slope of our judgment of others and our own damning self-judgment. A strong cast, marvelous set, and talented direction, sound and lighting design provides another memorable Park Avenue Armory production. Bravo!

A Park Avenue Armory Production

Written By Ödön von Horváth; Adapted by Christopher Shinn; Directed by Richard Jones

Paul Steinberg, Set Design; Mimi Jordan Sherin, Lighting Design; Antony McDonald, Costume Design; Daniel Kluger, Original Music and Sound Design; Drew Levy, Sound Design; Anjali Mehra, Movement Director

Cast includes: Alex Breaux, Alyssa Bresnahan, Charles Brice, Cricket Brown, Gina Daniels, Harriet Harris, Maurice Jones, Luke Kirby, Tom McGowan, George Merrick, Andy Murray, Jason O’Connell, Susannah Perkins, Henry Stram, Joe Wegner, Jeena Yi

Run Time: Approximately 90 minutes with no intermission



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