🍸 The Inheritance (Closing June 7th, 2020)

The Inheritance (Parts 1 and 2) at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Credits: Written by Matthew Lopez; Directed by Stephen Daldry

Cast: Andrew Burnap, Jordan Barbour, Jonathan Burke, Darryl Gene Daughtry Jr., Dylan Frederick, Tony Goldwyn (starting 1/5), Kyle Harris, John Benjamin Hickey (thru 1/4), Paul Hilton, Samuel H. Levine, Kyle Soller, Carson McCalley, Lois Smith and Arturo Luis Soria

Spectacular, moving, gorgeously acted and staged.  This history and present story of gay men is wonder inducing.  Anyone not moved to tears by the finale of the first part has no soul.  Spectacular Broadway debut for Samuel Levine as Adam/Leo. Heart rending performances from Paul Hilton, Andrew Burnap, Lois Smith,Kyle Soller and John Benjamin Hickey.  Solid performance for all the supporting cast.  Do not miss this play.

Tickets/More Info

NY Times Review

Part One: 3 hrs. and 15 min.; Part Two: 3 hrs. and 10 min


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